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Fuel Injection Upgrade Kit


Fueling Kit

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Fueling Kit
  • Provides The Required Fueling To Support APR Stage 3 Plus Levels
  • 980 CC Bosch Motorsport MPI Injectors
  • MPI And GDI Setup
  • 305 LPH High Flow In Tank Fuel Pump
  • Compatible With The Factory Fuel Basket
  • Proper MPI/GDI Fuel Distribution
  • Ethanol Compatible Hardware
  • Cleaner Intake Valves
  • Mounting Hardware; Directions And Support

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Iridium Pro Spark Plugs

2 Parts

Iridium Pro Spark Plugs
  • Iridium Alloy Electrode Tip
  • Heat Range 9 Spark Plug
  • 152 Percent Higher Melting Point Than Silver; 125 Percent Higher Than Copper And 38 Percent Higher Than Platinum
  • Stronger Than Copper And Platinum
  • Designed For High Performance / Tuned Vehicle Applications
  • Non-Projected Insulator Design
  • Lower Required Supplied Voltage
  • Cooler Operating Temperature Than Stock Plugs
  • Optimized Electrode Design For Hard To Ignite Fuels; Such As Ethanol
  • Resists Preignition Better Than Stock Plugs
  • Perfect For Upgraded Apr Vehicles
  • Install Torque 25 Nm

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